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How I do in front of people. 


21 Answers

I had a few days to answer the below questions. The requester expected a completed form. I responded with a link to the below video. Please note: to protect the innocent, edits are in place at the request of the agency that may or may not have sent the questions.

21 Questions:

1) Would you want to be rich or famous?
2) Tell us your favorite Pantone color.
3) Star Wars or Star Trek (if you're a guy)? Flats or Heels (if you're a girl)?
4) Who is your favorite designer?
5) Where will you be in 2016?
6) In my free time I _______________?
7) If I had $50, I would buy _____________?
8) Cat or dog?
9) Favorite type of transportation?
10) What is your dream job?
11) Can you write for print and web? Film? Blog?
12) Once I retire, I will...
13) What is your favorite piece of ours and why?
14) Are you a US citizen?
15) Why us?
16) What salary do you request?
17) How much experience do you have?
18) Name your favorite font.
19) How fast can you relocate? Do you know anyone in the area?
20) Anything else you would like to tell us?
21) Where did you learn about our job posting?