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The Walmart Welcome Center is an industry-first in-store experience placed just a few feet inside the main entrance of the world’s largest retailer. While its primary purpose is to help customers navigate the store and find products, it also serves as a captivating promotional hub. We helped create this immersive touchscreen experience from the ground up, working directly with Walmart on the development and functionality, and in conjunction with major CPG partners to produce engaging branded content.

Yours truly was the copywriter on the below third-party initiatives, in addition to wayfinding experiences and Walmart-branded content.

Art Director: Adam Aud


Walmart / Straight Talk Wireless

Ultimate Unlimited Universe

Capitalizing on the sweet reality that Barcades and “Stranger Things” are things, we imagined the challenges of navigating a subpar phone plan in arcade form. The result? An 8-bit beauty named after Straight Talk’s upgraded unlimited plan. We like to think it’s also a sequel to 1981’s smash hit, “Unlimited Universe”.

The below is housed as a touchscreen experience on the Welcome Center.

Click to roll through the gameplay screens.


To further illustrate the new plan’s benefits, we also created an immersive experience for those who are tighter on time.

Hit play, close your eyes, and imagine yourself in front of an 8-feet-tall touchscreen. Except don’t close your eyes.


Walmart / Glade

Fine Fragrance Mist and Plug-ins Car

Glade needed help launching two product lines, and the Welcome Center proved to be an ideal channel for a few reasons. It got visitors up-close and personal with the new offerings, quickly conveyed the message of creating everyday escapes, and did it all right at point-of-purchase.


Walmart / Windex

Clean and Win

Needless to say, the Welcome Center’s massive screen and Walmart’s shopper profile (lots and lots of parents) presented a fantastic opportunity for Windex. So, we dreamed up a time-based challenge to drive home how quick and easy it is to get that famous streak-free shine on all your glass surfaces.


The Welcome Center in Action